How does it work?

When you place an order, you can fill in all the details and upload photos. We will then work on a proposal and send it to you by email. You can give feedback on any changes you wish to make.  Only after approval do we start making the Knuffel in our studio in Haarlem.

What is the difference between a knuffelportretje (huggable portrait) and kussenportret (cushion portrait)?

There are a number of differences between a knuffel portrait and a cushion portrait. A knuffel portrait is made of very soft luxurious velvet fabric and is slightly smaller in size and more cuddly due to the soft fabric. With a knuffel portrait, there are several options for extra details, such as a dress, jewelry or a tattoo. A cushion portrait is a bit bigger and uses a different type of fabric, which is more common for pillows. The back of a cushion portrait is also made of cotton jersey.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time for a proposal is two weeks (excluding any correction rounds) and the delivery time for production after approval is also two weeks. If you need it sooner, please email us because we are happy to look at the possibilities with you! Unfortunately, we cannot deliver faster for a cushion portrait because we depend on the cushion fabric printer from England.

What sort of photos do you need to provide?

Our portraits are illustrated based on the supplied photos. A photo taken straight from the front where the shape of the face, eyes, mouth and hairstyle are clearly visible is very nice for us to work with. If there are only photos with the face at an angle, then we can also work it out together, but perhaps an extra round of feedback is needed.

Will you get a proposal first before its is made?

Yes, you will always receive a proposal first. Only after approval do we get started with the production of the knuffel. Two correction rounds are included in the price. Multiple correction rounds are possible at an additional cost.

Is there a discount if I order more knuffels?

If several Knuffels of the same design are ordered, we can give a discount. Are the designs different, then unfortunately it will not be possible to receive a discount. This discount does not apply to the cushions.

Can I wash the knuffels?

We recommend washing the cuddly toys with hand wash or with a delicate wash program.