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Support us by subscribing to our channel and sharing our videos! Do you know someone who deserves a knuffelportretje – huggable portrait, scroll down a little further to see how you can sign up for a chance to get one for free. ♥️

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Who do you think deserves a free knuffelportretje – huggable portrait? We, as Knuffelmakers, capture real stories in videos that we can share with everyone through YouTube. The name Storymakers says it all, we want to share the so many special and intense stories that we hear every day. And we want to surprise those who are in the middle of these kind of situations with a huggable portrait that fits their situation.

We are always looking for people who are willing to share their own or someone else’s story to inspire other people. In return we make a knuffelportretje. So do you know someone who could use this in his or her situation or do you think you deserve this yourself, sign up.

Read our promotion conditions carefully, register via the registration form and maybe we can surprise someone together with a nice knuffelportretje!

Promotional conditions

  1. The story may be shared and published via our YouTube channel
  2. You and the person for whom the knuffelportretje is given permission to participate in a video that we publish via our YouTube channel
  3. The unpacking moment of the huggable portrait is filmed by you and sent to us
  4. If we do not think the video fits within our concept, we have the freedom not to use it

Registration form

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