Knuffelportretje – Huggable portrait of a person

From  98.00

The price shown is per knuffel portrait.
Additional costs depend on the options you choose.

Size: 35 cm high
Delivery time proposal: 1 week (max)
Production time after approval: 2 weeks (max)

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Create your own knuffel!

  • Eye colour *

  • Hair colour *

  • Outfit *

    A tattoo is possible from option 3

  • Tattoos / Sleeves *

  • Preference Outfit colour(s) *

  • Earrings, necklace or piercing? *

  • Hijab, cap or hat? *

  • Printed name *  15.00

  • You can add an audio fragment to a sound recorder that we incorporate into the knuffel. We make a zip pocket so that the sound recorder can also be removed. The duration of the audio file can be a maximum of 18 sec. After ordering, you can email the audio file as a reply to the order confirmation.

  • This option is for if you would like to keep personal things in the Knuffel. We make a bag with a zipper, so you can open and close it yourself.

  • Never lose your Knuffel again? Add this lost & found chip so you can always be reunited with your knuffel!

Upload photo(s)

We make the proposal based on the sent photo(s). If you want your loved one's design to look a specific way, here can you upload the photo that best represents them. We would like to receive one or more photos where the head is clearly visible from the front and both eyes and ears are clearly visible. Uploading the right photos in one go also saves the total delivery time :) If a correction round is required, it can take up to 2 weeks extra before we have applied the correction(s) to the proposal.

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Always wanted to have yourself as a soft toy or doll? Your own selfie? Or someone else to cuddle with or give as a gift? We are now making a soft doll portrait based on a photo! A Knuffel! A unique custom made Knuffel. How does it work?

1) Order the Knuffel here
2) We will come up with a proposal by e-mail
3) After approval, we get to work and make the portrait Knuffel in our studio in Haarlem
4) When the Knuffel is finished, we will send it to you or you can come and pick it up 🙂




The delivery time of the proposal is 1 week and the production time after approval of the proposal is 2 weeks (max). If any corrections are needed, we will do our very best to adjust them as soon as possible. We will send you the proposal by e-mail and after approval we will start making the Knuffel.

Want to be sure of a date? Or need the Knuffel a little earlier? Mail us at



The Knuffel is made of a very soft cuddly fabric, a velvet knitted textile with an Oeko-Tex label. The fabric can be washed and is PVC-free. The Knuffels are filled with washable filling from Le Suh.



What does a “base” mean in outfits?
We often get the question what “base” means. Actually, that is also quite a strange name, but we actually mean a kind of onesie: one color for the entire outfit. Other than that, all other outfits speak for themselves. If you want to add extra things, such as a cardigan, that falls under party clothing. When in doubt, you can always email us, we don’t mind!

Why can’t I choose tattoos in combination with a “basic” outfit?

Good to know: tattoos can only be ordered with a Knuffel wearing a t-shirt. You can choose from a t-shirt with long pants or a t-shirt with shorts. Of course it can also be combined with all kinds of outfits even a wedding dress. This is because “base” or “shirt+pants” does not have bare arms and then the tattoo is not really visible :).

What is the difference between a Knuffel portrait and a Cushion portrait?
There are a number of differences. A Knuffel portrait is made of very soft luxurious velvet fabric and is slightly smaller in size and best for cuddling. With a Knuffel portrait, there are several options for extra details, such as a dress, jewelry or a tattoo. A cushion portrait is a bit bigger and uses a different type of fabric, which is more common for pillows. The back of a pillow portrait is also made of cotton jersey.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 20 cm